The Playlist feature allows you to create multimedia playlists for your site, including both audio and video content. In order to create playlists, the Playlist feature must be enabled on the website. If you do not currently have the Playlist feature on your site but would like to have it set up, please contact

Note: To embed audio or video content within an existing page or block, see instructions for using the Video Filter.

View a sample of the right Playlist, left Playlist, and bottom Playlist.

Create a Playlist

To create a Playlist, from the admin menu, select Content management - Create content. On the Create content page, click Playlist.


Enter the Title for your Playlist.

title field


Enter a description of your Playlist in the Description field (same Editor Options as Body field).

description field

Player Options

In the Player Options tab at the bottom of the Create Playlist page, select the position of the playlist (right side, left side, bottom); default is on the right side.

playlist position field

Other Settings

For information on Menu settingsMeta tagsRevision informationAuthoring informationPublishing optionsURL path settings and File attachments, see their respective instruction pages on this website.


Click the Save button when you have completed entering the Playlist content.

Edit a Playlist

There are two ways to edit a Playlist - by Browsing or via the Content list. See the Edit a Page section on this site for more information.