Manage Book Outline

The Book outline section is used to sort or change the order of Book pages within a particular Book on a website.

From the admin menu, select Content Management - Books. The Books Administration Page displays a list of existing Books.

book outline edit and order titles

Click on the edit and order titles link to view or edit contents of a Book. The Book Outline page lists all pages in the particular Book.

For each page of content, you have the option to rename, view, edit or delete the page.

book edit page names, change order

To rename a Book page, type a new name in the Title field and click the Save book pages button at the bottom of the page.

You can also change the order of the Book pages by using the drag-and-drop handle next to each page. To make a Book page a child page of another item, move the drag-and-drop handle to the right, to indent it and designate it as a child or sub-page.