File Attachments

The File attachments section provides an alternative way to link to files on your web page.

Click Choose File to browse to the file you want to upload.

Click the Attach button to upload the file.

attach new file, choose file upload field. the first "listed" file will be included in rss feeds. the maximum upload size is 5mb. only files with the following extensions may be uploaded - jpg jpeg gif png txt doc xls pdf ppt pps odt ods odp attach

Check the List box to list the document link on your new page.

Enter the link text in the Description field for your uploaded file.

file attachment window. delete list description size type

Note: Changes made to the attachments are not permanent until you save the page.

Maximum Upload Size

There is an individual file upload limit of 5MB. This limit ensures that we maximize the amount of server space we are limited to on the web server. 

If you have a file that is over 5MB that you need to upload to the website, try one of these options for reducing the file size:

  • Use Adobe Acrobat Pro to save it as a reduced file size PDF and/or an optimized PDF.
  • Be sure the dimensions of the document are optimized for screen viewing.
  • Be sure embedded images are optimized for screen viewing.
  • If the file is a multi-page document, save it as multiple files for groups of pages (i.e. pages 1-10, pages 11-20, etc). Be sure each file is under the 5MB limit.