Event Series

The Event Series allows you to group events listings. Event Series are displayed in the same formats as Events, including the calendar block format (by month, year, week and day), the upcoming events page, and the upcoming events block. In order to create an Event Series, the Events feature must be enabled on the website. If you do not currently have the Events feature on your site but would like to have it set up, please contact webmaster@appstate.edu.

To create an Event Series, from the admin menu, select Content management - Create content. From the Create content page, click Event Series.


Enter the Name of your Event Series.

name field

Feature Image

Upload the image to be used in the feature slider here.

Click Choose File to browse to the image you would like to upload as the event series Feature Image, then click the Upload button to add the image to the event series posting. Images must be at least 740 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall to be uploaded as a Feature Image. Note: The upload will not be complete until you Save the new event series.

The uploaded Feature Image will also display as a header image on the Event Series page.

You will also need to check the Promoted to front page box under Publishing options below for this event series to display in the feature slider. The Featured Event Series slider must also be enabled and set to display on the website.

If you would like the Featured Event Series slider enabled on your website, contact webmaster@appstate.edu. There are two versions of the Featured Event Series slider available:

  • Thumbnail Slider
  • Pager Slider

event feature image upload choose file

Series Dates

Enter the From and To date for the Event Series. Clicking in the date field will open a pop-up calendar from which you can choose the appropriate date. Alternatively you can manually enter a date in the format Weekday, Month D, YYYY. 

series dates from date to date


Include all text for the Event Series in the Description field (same Editor Options as Body field).

description field

Menu settings

Since the Event Series is part of a feature and the post will automatically be added to the Events page and the Upcoming Events block, there is no need to assign a Menu link title to the Event Series.

For information on Meta tagsRevision informationAuthoring informationPublishing optionsURL path settings and File attachments, see their respective instruction pages on this website.


Click the Save button when you have completed entering the Event Series content.

Edit an Event Series

There are two ways to edit an Event Series - by Browsing or via the Content list. See the Edit a Page section on this site for more information.