Create a Book

To create a Book, from the admin menu, select Content management - Create content. On the Create content page, click Book page to create the first page of the Book.


Enter the Title for the Book page.

title field


The Body field is where you will enter all of the content for your new book page - text, links, images, etc. (see Editor Options).

body field

Menu Settings

In the Menu link title field, enter the text you want to appear on the menu button for your page.

menu link title field the link text corresponding to this item that should appear in the menu. leave blank if you do not wish to add this post to the menu

Under the Parent Item drop-down, select the section of the site you want your new page's menu button to display.

Select Primary links to have it appear on the main navigation.

Book outline

Click on the Book outline tab.


Select <create a new book> to create a new book and make the Book page the top-level page in the new book.

 create a new book field


The Weight drop down is used to set the order of Book pages, however using the Books section is a much easier way to sort book pages on the website. To change the order of your Book pages, see the section on Managing the Book Outline.

 pages at a given level are ordered first by weight and then by title

Other Settings

For information on Meta tagsRevision informationAuthoring informationPublishing optionsURL path settings and File attachments, see their respective instruction pages on this website.


Click the Save button when you have completed entering the Book page content.